Top 30 Kombucha Flavors

Looking for fresh inspiration to flavor your home brewed kombucha? Here are our top 30 best kombucha flavors (including our formula to perfect kombucha, every time!)

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Brewing kombucha can be so satisfying. Like when you watch your new SCOBY baby grow. Or taste your first fermentation and it’s just perfect. Or when you finally manage to get a good amount of carbonation in your bottles.

But nothing is more satisfying than we you crack open a bottle for that first taste and instantly fall in love with the flavor. So let’s talk kombucha flavoring!

Why flavor kombucha?

Without any added flavors, plain kombucha from the first fermentation tastes tart and slightly sweet, like a sour sparkling apple cider or ginger ale.

While kombucha can be enjoyed at this stage, we always take it through a second fermentation to add flavor and carbonation.

How to flavor kombucha

There are three aspects that influence the flavor of your kombucha:

  1. Tea: While black tea is most common, you can use a variety! These are our tea recommendations.
  2. Fermentation Length: The longer kombucha ferments, the more sour and vinegar tasting it will become.
  3. Added Flavors: After the first fermentation is complete, separate the kombucha from the SCOBY and flavor!

Today we’re focusing on the final step, adding flavors. The concept is simple: add fruit or flavorings and seal shut in an airtight bottle. The bacteria and yeast in the kombucha eat the sugars in the fruit while at the same time producing carbonation. The result is a fizzy home brewed kombucha, flavored just the way you want it!

Here’s our general formula for flavoring kombucha. For every 8 cups (half gallon), use either:

  • 1 cup finely chopped or pureed fruit, or
  • ½ cup fruit or vegetable juice, or
  • 2 tablespoons honey (or sugar, maple, agave)

It’s important to keep track of what flavors you use inside your bottles so that you’ll know how to recreate or tweak your recipes for the next batch! Be sure to snag our printable kombucha log books in the Comprehensive Guide to Kickass Kombucha.

Best kombucha flavor recipes

11 thoughts on “Top 30 Kombucha Flavors”

  1. Thank you Sarah! To be honest I didn’t even know there were so many flavors of kombucha. I’m new to this topic, but recently I had the opportunity to try raspberry and mango with passion fruit, and I really enjoyed it!

  2. I’ve used a cinnamon stick with some honey for the second Ferm! Yummy!
    I love this blog and all the wonderful ideas!! I want to use fresh oranges instead of oj. Do you have a recommendation? Cut them? Blend them? ????????‍♀️

  3. Hi Sarah. I wondered if I could make the F2 fruit flavouring before hand, and store in a jar in the fridge for a couple days? I always find the day my kombucha is ready to be bottled, is so hectic! Getting everything ready, clean, then starting to work on the fruit! Just thought maybe if the fruit was all ready and waiting, it could save some time and mental energy? Appreciate your thoughts! Thanks!

  4. Thank you Sarah! My favorite flavoring is elderflower. I combine the fresh flowers with some squeezed lemon. Not only is it refreshing, it looks really pretty, too. Another favorite is rhubarb.

  5. Thanks for all of these. My latest batch had some amazing taste results. One 32 oz bottle was 1/2c pineapple mashed and 1 Tbsp coconut flakes. Another was 1/4c pineapple mashed, 1/4c raspberries mashed and 1/2 T coconut flakes. Favorite so far is 1/4C naked juice mango, 1/4c mashed pineapple, and 1T lime juice.

    • I see you used Naked in your flavoring. I know the Naked brand uses small amounts of formaldehyde to preserve their beverages. Does this affect the yeast at all?

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