New to brewing kombucha? We’ll get you from SCOBY-less to fizzy fermented bliss!

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You’ll need a few key supplies to get started brewing kombucha. Here are our favorites!

Let’s brew!

Hi friends, I’m Sarah! I’m obsessed with home brewing and have helped hundreds of folks make Kickass Kombucha in their kitchens!

My love of kombucha started like anyone else – hopelessly hooked on store bought kombucha and willing to pay the price. That is, until I discovered the deliciously fizzy world of homemade kombucha and never bought a bottle of store bought again.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fizzy fermented beverage full of gut-loving probiotics that’s made from fermented tea! Brewing your own kombucha at home not only saves money, but you can create your own fantastic flavor combos! And the best part? It’s so much easier than it looks.

So what exactly is fermentation? It’s basically just the process of bacteria and yeast eating up sugar to produce acids, gasses, or alcohol. In the case of kombucha, we’re getting a bit of each. While the most notable byproduct of the kombucha fermentation process is the fizzy effervescence from the release of gasses, kombucha also has an acidic, mildly vinegar taste, as well as trace amounts of alcohol.

Have questions?

Brewing kombucha can seem confusing at first, we get that! So we’ve created guides to help answer the most common question.

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