Our favorite supplies for kombucha, from the basics needed for the first and second fermentations, to the tools that take your kombucha to the next level! This post contains affiliate links, and I may earn from qualifying purchases.

First fermentation

In the first fermentation, you’ll just need three things: a big jar, something to cover the jar, and something to strain the kombucha afterwards! I love using a jar with a spigot, which makes bottling easier.

Second Fermentation

Aim for fermentation-grade flip top bottles for the second fermentation, which will trap the carbon dioxide and make fizzier kombucha! You’ll also want to get some labels to keep track of your brew. Finally, a good blender is helpful for blitzing fruits to flavor the kombucha!


You really just need a few ingredients to get started with brewing: sugar, tea, and kombucha. You can buy a SCOBY, though making it is also easy (albeit time-consuming). For cleaning jars and supplies, we use plain white vinegar!

Specialty products

Are you a seasoned pro ready to take your kombucha brewing to the next level? These tools are affordable yet so useful in maintaining a healthy fermentation station!