How to Make Kombucha

     LET'S BREW!

You'll Need:

Water  White sugar Black or green tea SCOBY (pellicle) Unflavored kombucha (from previous batch or store bought) 

Step 1

Make Sweet Tea: Bring water to a boil. Remove from heat and dissolve sugar into it. Add the tea bags and allow them to steep for at least 20 minutes (or until tea has cooled).

Step 2

Cool to Room Temp: Allow hot tea to cool to room temperature. Test that the tea is room temperature by drawing out some tea with a paper straw, using your finger to keep the kombucha in the straw.

Step 3

Add Starter: Pour the sweetened tea into a large jar, then pour in unflavored starter kombucha. With clean hands, place SCOBY into jar.

Step 4

Cover: Cover with a few layers of the tightly woven cloth and secure with a rubber band.

Step 5

Ferment: Set the jar somewhere dark, still, and room temperature (70-75 degrees F, 21-24 C) for 6 to 10 days.  It should be mildly sweet and slightly vinegary when finished

Step 6

Go to 2nd Fermentation: Reserve 2 cups from this batch to use as starter kombucha for your next batch (just leave it in the jar with SCOBY).  The rest can move to the second fermentation, which carbonates the kombucha!